Beat The Ring Of Death...  
Discover How You Can Easily Fix Your XBOX 360 Ring Of Death With Our Dual Stage Fix That Has Been Fixing Thousands Of XBOX 360 Like Yours In UNDER 1HR!
If We Can't Fix Your XBOX 360 Within 1 Hour We Will Not ONLY Refund Your Money, YOU Can Also Keep YOUR Bonuses As A Thank You For Trying Our Guide.

So you’re happily gaming or watching a movie on your Xbox 360 and BAM – 3 red lights appear on YOUR console. What just happened?

Your Xbox 360 is a victim of the “Ring Of Death” problem, an issue identified by Microsoft caused by The GPU Losing its solder from the motherboard. Microsoft has publicly apologized for the problem and even taken a billion-dollar hit as a result.

But an apology doesn’t help you. You just want to keep playing your games and wathcing your movies

I can give you some long-winded sales pitch about how great Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition® is, but why not hear it straight from one of our customers?

You love playing your Xbox 360. Don’t you want to be up and gaming again? And you will be with Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition®, the very best “red light fix” product on the market today.

Other guides are happy to give you an 60% chance of success. But Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition® breaks away from the crowd of other guides in two highly critical ways:
Dual-Stage Fix that Ensures a 99.9% Success Rate – Not the 60% Success Rate from Other Guides
Twice as Easy with Double the Learning Power: a Clearly Written, Color-Illustrated eBook and a Set of Professionally Produced High Definition Videos.

"Why Take Chances With Your
Valuable XBOX 360 ?"

Microsoft’s so-called “fix” assumes that your box is still under warranty. But what if your machine is out of warranty?

You’re out of luck.

Even if you decided to pay the $140 that Microsoft demands, they want you to pack up your fragile XBOX 360 and ship it to a receiving location in Texas – where your machine sits for weeks before getting fixed.
You want to eliminate your red light problem now - not weeks from now
Yet you’re not willing to compromise with other red light fix guides. These inferior guides fail in two huge ways:

1. Other guides give you only “one fix.” In 4 out of 10 cases, that fix will fail.

2. Other guides give you a short eBook and no videos. They assume that you have had experience working on the complex inner workings of Xbox 360.
Most gamers who select Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition® as their guide have never opened up a game console in their lives. Even so, it’s not long before their red lights turn green…permanently!
No video gamer in his right mind would ever think of fixing his Xbox 360 without top-notch professional support – which is exactly what you get from the team at Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition®.
Read on to find out more about our Dual-Stage Process, Hi-Def Videos, and other features that make Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition® the red light fix guide trusted by gamers all over the world.

"The 20% Failure Rate Problem
and How You Can Beat It"

You’ve done your homework. You’ve researched other Xbox 360 Ring Of Death guides out there. Maybe you have even tried out one or two and returned them because you were dissatisfied.

You want the truth of the matter? There is no shortage of red light fix guides on the market today. But there is a dark side.

Listen to what we hear every single day from customers who come to us:
Other guides worked for a month…and then BAM, three red lights again!
Other guides worked for a week…and then – red ring of death!
Other guides never worked in the first place.
So What’s Going On Here?
The problem: Red lights fix guides that take the you through only one fix-it process. Imagine the pain of opening your Xbox and doing the one repair – only to have that one repair fail!

Totally NOT acceptable.

Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition® has professionally designed its guide to nail absolutely nothing less than a 99.9% success rate -- and it is designed especially for XBOX 360 owners who have never touched the inside of an Xbox 360.


"Unique Dual Coverage System
Gurantees 99.9% Success!"

Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition® has developed an exclusive Dual-Coverage System to ensure that you open your box once and only once -- and get the repair done right the first time.

As a result, Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition® will be the only red light fix guide you will ever have to buy.

Customers flock to our combined eBook and Video guides every day because they have been burned by competitor guides that give only one process for fixing the red light issue.

The single “fix-it” process advocated by competitors usually has an 60% success rate.

Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition® moves you effortlessly…and seamlessly…through all available three red light fixes while your XBOX 360 is still open.

The First Process - Red Ring Terminator
Designed to Capture & Terminate the Most Common 3 Red Light Issues. Feel Comfortable Knowing that You Will Hit an 85% Success Rate Just with this First Process.

Other Guides Don't Even Take You Here… WAIT! We Take You Even Further…
The Second Process - Three Red Light Assasin
Relentlessly Hunts Down and Blows Away Any Remote Chance of Further Red Light Issues.
No Other Guide Can Take You This Far…

Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition® Covers You from All Angles.


"Real Gamers Standing Behind their Product!"

What about those other red light fix guides? Who stands behind them?

Can you guess?

Answer: Nobody. These guides are produced by online marketers looking to make a quick buck.

Yes, a cottage industry has erupted in the online marketing world. Online marketers tossing together cut-and-paste guides lifted from gamer forums and blogs. Guides with little or no illustrations. Guides with no accompanying videos, guides that are made by no-bodies!

Even worse – guides that do not fix the red light problem!
XBOX 360 Ring of Death members Newsletter
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1.Insider Details About the Red Light Issue
2. How Serious XBOX 360 gamers Resolve the Issue
3.Extra Deals and Bonuses Available to Upgraded Members
In sharp contrast, Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition® is the brainchild of avid Xbox 360 gamers, who also happen to be serious computer modders and programmers.
This means that we know Xbox 360.
This means that we know complex electronics.
And know how to build redundant processes that guarantee success – the heart and core of our trademarked Dual-Coverage System.
But even more: we know how to communicate with gamers who have never opened up an Xbox 360 – in their entire life. How so? Read on…

"Dual Learning Power for
Twice the Ease: Videos and eBook"

When you go with Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition®, you get more than just an eBook. You get a complete system that walks you through the 3 red light fix process, step by careful step.

How about complete and unlimited access to the Members Area where you find everything you need – in one neat and complete package?

Other red light fix guides boast about all the hundreds of bogus features they will provide to you. Can you honestly say that you care about all that?
Answer: “Not one bit.”
You’re a serious gamer and you care about only one thing: Changing Red Lights to Green So You Can Start Playing Your Xbox 360 Again.

And this means you care about:

1. Great Instructions


2. Superior Support

"Great Instructions, Superior Support...
Handed to You on a Silver Platter"

Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Repair eBook – The core of our system, the Red Light Fix Repair eBook is your ticket to a fixed and just-like-new Xbox 360.
Download this .pdf eBook in less than 30 seconds.
Packed with oversized full-color photos documenting every single step of the process.
Clear text instructions to lead you by the hand – all the way through.
Complete and final list of the few common household tools you will need to perform the quick fix.
Not one single item or process is left out.
No Less Than 8 Walk through Video Tutorials Don’t want to read the eBook? Or perhaps you want extra clarification to make dead certain that your red light fix is staying on course? We have prepared eight high-definition video tutorials that show the 3 red light repairs in action.

Filmed and edited by a professional videographer – showing the red light fix in close-up, full-color, sharp details!

On-demand “streaming” videos that you can watch right on your computer and require nearly zero file downloading time. Seconds after clicking “Play” the video starts up in full HI-DEF!

Pristine, hi-def images to show you every tiny little detail… in gigantic 720 P sized screens!
Superior Member Technical Support – Our mission: to leave no customer behind. Nearly every Xbox 360 gamer who approaches their red light repair with our eBook and videos – finds that the book and videos explain it all.

But if you find yourself with a question, or in need of clarification, the Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Technical Support Team – consisting of real people who are real gamers – is at your side, ready to assist you. Think of the Tech Support Team as the friend or relative who stands by your shoulder giving you an extra hand or word of encouragement when you most need it!


"Fix Your XBOX 360 - Failure is Not an Option!"

Going with other guides is a shaky proposition.

Going with Xbox 360 Ring Of Death Elite Repair Edition® is Guaranteed Success.
Get Dual Coverage – To Fix Your Box Permanently.
Get Clear eBook and Video Guides – Winning Rave Reviews from Customers.
Get Awesome Technical Support – From Real Humans on the Other End who are Ready to Answer Your Questions.

Are you sick and tired of not being able to use your XBOX 360 because of the stupid 3 red lights? Then get ready to access the most comprehensive guide that guarantees to rid your XBOX 360 of the ring of death and gets you back in the game within the next hour easily! Get instant access with our “RISK FREE TRIAL CERTIFICATE” Below…
XBOX 360 Ring of Death - Elite Repair Guide
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